South Park-It’s a Jersey Thing-It’s called a Snooki!!

I praise the Snooki South Park spoof (video below) in which the Jersey Shore star was turned into an animated, out of control, orange beast. I loved the parody especially since she was portrayed with whiskers, Yoda ears, and being blasted for her fame. “It’s called a Snooki. It’s very famous”. “That thing is famous, why?” said the episode.

Snooki told news last night that she has “officially made it” with this spoof.” Other cast members loved the mention last night as well. Which I find ridiculous because I think the show and Snooki is a joke and pathetic that New Jersey is viewed in such a negative light. Can not wait to see where the cast is in 10 years.

During the parody, an alert is set out that “There is trouble.” A reported beast is on the loose. “It tore a hole in my … locker. Smashed the cigarette lighter in half.” But when asked to free herself, the orange creature with strange ears and oversize earrings has nothing to say; she only giggles. “Come out now. Be easy on yourself” prompts the warning. “It’s one of them. That thing is from Jersey too!”


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