Acura RSX Type Modified

I have owned 2 rsxs. Both type s models, both black, both tastefully modded… only the new one has everything the old one did plus more. I had an accident with my first one and had to get another black rsx… I wouldn’t have it any other way. The car gone through many aftermarket parts… a lot of them were installed only to be removed because I picked up better aftermarket parts.

At this point I just removed my comptech eaton m62 supercharger and am replacing it with a larger more efficient lysholm 1600ax twinscrew supercharger. The setup has heat dissipation coating on the manifold as well as the custom inlet that was hand fabricated by Tony Palo of T1 Motorsport’s. I am also installing a meth injection setup for cooling as well as higher octane, and swapped out a brand new stage 2 clutch for a brand new stage 4 because I knew that the stage 2 would not hold the power and I did not want to waste it.

Here is the car as of a 2 weeks ago with a bunch of my parts waiting to be reinstalled.

Last week the supercharger was all bolted together with new gaskets, hardware, and fresh oil in the blower. Than it was mocked up to see what kind of clearances we have for the intake and battery. There is definitely not to much room so hopefully I do not have to relocate the battery to the trunk or another location. You can also see a black custom heat exchanger mounted on the front of the car which is part of a water/air aftercooler setup that will provide additional cooling of the air from the supercharger.


I will be heading to my buddies shop this evening so hopefully a large amount of work will be done Friday before all the Halloween activities on Saturday.



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