About MeI am 28 years old and am currently in my 3rd semester of school at Sussex County Community College for a degree in Information Systems with about 7 classes left. I have many interests but a few of my main ones in no special order are: music concerts, movies, snowboarding, cars, and video games. The reason for this blog  is for me to post anything I desire. Simply it will be about anything that I am interested in at the time that I am posting and if it interests anyone as well than hopefully I will receive some comments…. positive or negative…does not matter as this is just to satisfy the requirements for my website development class.



3 Responses to “About”

  1. ah the joy of minimal requirements

  2. Brandon, I am glad you continued to work on your blog. It certainly shows your interest in 1. gaming 2. cars 3. snowboarding and 4. fulfilling the blog requirements. your external links are there but should open in an external window or tab. some of the blogroll could continue to be customized to your blog rather than leaving the default. The banner is a nice touch. Hopefully this (on the blog) won’t be the only snow we see this ski season.

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